a little bit about me!

chrysalis is the solo project of Indigo Ansin, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Heavily influenced by artists they grew up listening to such as Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morissette as well as contemporaries like Field Medic and Indigo de Souza, chrysalis fuses together a unique blend of traditional American folk and indie rock. 

Whether it be playing shows in Allston basements, organizing mutual aid shows, or playing music with their band, they hold their love for community at the forefront of everything they do and it is a present theme in all the music they write. If we know we are not alone in feeling socially unacceptable emotions, there is power in it! And it can bring us together <3 

Aside from music, Indigo is a loud, extroverted Sagittarius who spends most of their time with their friends, doing arts and crafts, and raising an aspiring insta-famous cat named Joni Michelle. Follow her Instagram to help her live out her dreams: @j0ni111