hello! <3

i am raising money for my gender affirmation top surgery!

i have always been very passionate about helping those in marginalized communities but never really knew where to start up until college. in the spring of 2021, i started getting involved with local mutual aid initiatives through the community of people i met through attending political protests. we distributed food as well as harm reduction supplies, blankets, and clothes to local unhoused communities. the biggest lesson i learned was the importance of community in uplifting each other in times of need, and the power that love has. we were not helping our neighbors out in a manner of 'us versus them'— it was because any of us could be in their shoes at any given moment, and all of our community members are deserving of food, warm clothes, and more. we are so powerful when we come together and show love to our neighbors.

although i have been involved in local mutual aid for several years, i never considered that it would be the way i would go about funding my top surgery until my therapist actually brought it up to me several months ago (thanks marcia!) the financial barrier had been stopping me from even considering surgery in the near future, as most surgeons have a cosmetic fee that can reach up to $5,000. this fee covers the reconstruction of the chest once the breast tissue has been removed, and the cost is not covered by insurance companies. so even though i would be paying through my insurance, there would still be a fairly large out-of-pocket cost, considering i am a full-time student.

i am very lucky to be part of a community of artists who have supported me in happy times as well as the times when i need a hand. to come together with my lovely talented friends to raise money so i can feel at home in my body is such a gift. i have organized a series of shows to raise money for my top surgery, some being virtual and some being in-person. it would mean the world if you showed up to help out <3